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Episode 13 - Private Militaries (Wagner vs Blackwater)

Episode 13 - Private Militaries (Wagner vs Blackwater)

March 23, 2020

Private militaries or PMC's have been popping up in all of the worlds conflict zones, guns for hire being paid to the dirty work nation-states don't want to do. Is this the future of war or is this a slippery slope that takes all the accountability out of the battlefield?

This week we do a deep dive into the Wagner group (Putin's private army) and Blackwater/Frontier Services Group (Erik Princes Hong Kong-based White House hit squad). 

We go through what they have been up to, and where they are likely to pop up over the next few years 

Guests this week are
Sean McFate
Alex Kirsch
Sahar Khan and
Candace Rondeaux

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Episode 12 - Venezuela

Episode 12 - Venezuela

March 9, 2020

Venezuela, home to the largest proven oil reserves in the world was once the jewel of South America, the envy of the Latin world, but now the country sits on the brink of collapse. 

Venezuela has gone so far now that other nations like China, Russia, and the US have begun circling like hungry vultures, looking to smash apart the nation and divide up the assets.

So this week we sit down and ask where will it all go, how did we get here and what is next for this South American titan.

Giancarlo Fiorella
Nick Mutch
Christopher Sabatini

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Episode 11 - The Libyan Civil War

Episode 11 - The Libyan Civil War

February 23, 2020

The Libyan civil war is ramping to a climax, general Haftars forces have arrived at the gates on the capital Tripoli and the entire world is taking sides.

Russia, the UAE, Turkey, France, Italy, Qatar and Egypt are all throwing fuel onto this already raging fire, not realising those flames are unlikely to remain contained inside Libya. 

Three huge guests for this episode. 

Jonathon Winer (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the USA)
Jalel Harchaoui 
Tarek Magerisi

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Episode 10 - Foreign Aid (Australia’s Pacific Strategy)

Episode 10 - Foreign Aid (Australia’s Pacific Strategy)

February 10, 2020

Foreign aid is one of the most misunderstood parts of any nations budget, why would a country give money to another country when they have hungry people at home?

What people may not realise is that that 0.22% of your budget may be the only thing standing between you and your enemy setting up its armed forces in your backyard. 

This weeks guests are 

Matt Mcdonald
Tess Newton Cain
and Will Clapton

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Episode 9 - War with Iran

Episode 9 - War with Iran

January 26, 2020

Every month we seem to escalate the tensions with Iran, drawing Iran and the West closer and closer into large scale conflict. One that would likely drag in the rest of the nations in the Middle-East and then crash the world economy.

This week we sit down with 4 expert witnesses to go through exactly how difficult an invasion of Iran will be, and what risks we would be taking on to do so. 

Episode 8 - Kyrgyzstan

Episode 8 - Kyrgyzstan

January 12, 2020

Kyrgyzstan stands at one of the most important decisions the country will ever make about its future, to look toward Moscow or to look toward Beijing.... 

The Kyrgyz people live upon some of the most important real estate in all of Asia, and now all the superpowers are beginning to compete for access to this vital crossroad. 

Guests are
Chris Schwatz - (University of Leuven)
Erica Marat - (National Defence University)
Alexander Cooley (Columbia University)

Episode 7 - Predictions for 2020

Episode 7 - Predictions for 2020

December 30, 2019

2020 is set to be one of the most impactful years for human history, where we will make choices that will steer our future for a decade to come. With critical elections, wars, and crises set to shape the next 12 months, next year will be year will we discuss in history classes for generations.

We sit down with three of the world's top experts to see what they think will be the biggest stories for 2020.

This weeks guests are

Andrew Hindmoor (University of Sheffield)
Jake Hanrahan (Popular Front)
and Brian Glyn Williams (CIA, Whitehouse, and NSA advisor)

Episode 6 - Transnistria

Episode 6 - Transnistria

December 16, 2019

Between Moldova and Ukraine lies the breakaway republic of Transnistria the last nation to hold the hammer and sickle upon its flag, this unrecognized nation doesn't exist on any map but does hold the entire balance of power in Eastern Europe. This is the last barrier between the encroachment of the EU and the heartlands of Russia, so to better understand this breakaway republic we turn to 3 expert witnesses.

Guests are

Tyrone Shaw
Dmitri Tokarev
Kristaps Andrejsons

Episode 5 - UK Election Special

Episode 5 - UK Election Special

December 1, 2019

The UK has been polarised and dragged to a stop over the biggest issue to face the country since WW2....Brexit. With the government paralyzed the mandate has been turned back to the people with an early election, son we sit down with 3 expert guests to analyze what each party stands for and what they offer to right the path of Britain. 

Guests this week

Peter Sloman (University of Cambridge)
Imke Henkel (University of Lincoln)
Alan Wager (Kings College London)

Episode 4 - Yemen

Episode 4 - Yemen

November 17, 2019

Yemen is currently the home to the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, with a civil war that has dragged in countries from all around the globe. This small desert country is now the 5-way battleground for the world's powers, with the world's oil routes at stake.

Guests for this episode are

Helen Lackner
Laura Kasinof
and Thomas Small

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