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Episode 20 - The Philippines (Duterte and the South China Sea)

Episode 20 - The Philippines (Duterte and the South China Sea)

June 29, 2020

The South China sea is the new battleground between Beijing and Washington with the winner controlling the trades routes; and therefore the future of Asia.

Caught in the middle is The Philippines, now torn between their military partners in Washington and their economic partners in Beijing, with the decision-maker being a wildly popular president accused of numerous human rights abuses. Manila is the linchpin for both sides, and we ask our guests in which direction the nation is heading. 

This weeks guests are

Aaron Jed Rabena (Asia Pacific Policy Forum)
Sheena Greitens (Brookings Institute)
Derek Grossman (RAND Corperation)
Oriana Skylar Mastro (Stanford University)

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Episode 19 - Guyana (Cambridge Analytica and the Next Cuban Missile Crisis)

Episode 19 - Guyana (Cambridge Analytica and the Next Cuban Missile Crisis)

June 15, 2020

While everyone has their eyes on its imploding neighbours Guyana is entering its own new phase, one that is likely to make it one of the world's next big geopolitical flashpoints.

With Iranian missiles, Cambridge Analytica buying elections, and a country up for sale this isolated jungle nation could be the next launchpad to threaten the world superpower at home.

Thie week we sit down with
Brittany Kaiser (Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower)
Ivelaw Griffiths (International Institute for Strategic Studies) Michael Unbehauen (US Army/Acamar Consulting)

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Episode 18 - The Geopolitics of Turkmenistan

Episode 18 - The Geopolitics of Turkmenistan

June 1, 2020

Often referred to as the North Korea of Central Asia, Turkmenistan is simply a desert of contradictions. A nation where you memorize poems to get your driver's license, where the president raps on TV, and where many Guinness world records are broken; but more importantly a nation of starving people on top of the 4th largest gas reserves in the world. 

We go deeper into this reclusive society and talk about their abandonment of Moscow and their newfound masters in Beijing, as well as how this country tries its best to stay neutral in a very dangerous geopolitical neighborhood. 

Guests this week are

Peter Leonard (Eurasianet)
Naz Nazar (Radio Free Europe)
Alexander Cooley (Harriman Institute)

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Episode 17 - Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

Episode 17 - Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

May 18, 2020

In the South Caucasus between Armenia and Azerbaijan lies an island of Armenians in the middle of Azerbaijan, two countries now firmly at war with each other. The Armenians have invaded and now occupy a quarter of the Azeris territory, but they assert are only doing to protect their people from the government who threatens to "cleanse" the pocket of Armenians. 

A complicated conflict with Russia selling to both sides and Turkey (and therefore NATO) obligated to defend the other, this war is a classic situation of "the tail wagging the dog". Will we see another 1914 with a small mountain nation dragging the great powers into war, well for that we turn to our experts?

Svante Cornell (Institue for Security and Development)
Tyrone Shaw (Conflict Zone Author)
Thomas De Waal (Carnegie Europe)

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Episode 16 - The Geopolitics of North Korea

Episode 16 - The Geopolitics of North Korea

May 4, 2020

There are few geopolitical flashpoints in the world more dangerous than North Korea, and with instability at the top of the regime we can add another layer of complexity to an already shaky situation; one that few people truly understand.

USA, China, Seoul and Pyongyang all have competing goals and needs to keep their own domestic politics in check, but some of those goals infringe upon others, and with a few minor missteps the Korean peninsula could easily break out in full war again. The difference this time is that there are 60+ nuclear weapons to factor into the equation. 

So this week with sit down with

Eric Gomez (CATO)
Jacob Bogle (Access DPRK)

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Episode 15 - The South Sudanese Civil War

Episode 15 - The South Sudanese Civil War

April 20, 2020

After a 30 year war with Sudan, South Sudan finally gained its independence, but with no external enemy, a power vacuum quickly told hold. Two men lead a nation into a civil war that destroyed the country and broke the future for this African nation even further. 

Now peace talks are starting again and people are wondering if this will this be the peace deal that finally brings stability, or will the nation once again backslide into mass slaughter? That decision lies in the hand of just two men, the same two who started this war almost 7 years ago.

Guests this week are

Alan Boswell
Ahmed Soliman
John Campbell

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Episode 14 - War in the Arctic (Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Program)

Episode 14 - War in the Arctic (Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Program)

April 5, 2020

The coldest battlefield in the world is opening up, and old regional rivalries are beginning to flare. This is moving trade routes from the US's backyard toward the Russians. A battle is about to begin for the far North, but only one side is really prepared. Russia is rolling out Arctic divisions, new bases and groundbreaking new missiles which threaten the US naval dominance across the world's oceans.

Are these new missiles going to make carriers obsolete or are they just the next step in the rapidly changing landscape? We pose this question to our panel of experts.

This weeks experts 

Marlene Laurelle
Stephanie Pezard
Paul Josephson
Rob Huebert

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Episode 13 - Private Militaries (Wagner vs Blackwater)

Episode 13 - Private Militaries (Wagner vs Blackwater)

March 23, 2020

Private militaries or PMC's have been popping up in all of the worlds conflict zones, guns for hire being paid to the dirty work nation-states don't want to do. Is this the future of war or is this a slippery slope that takes all the accountability out of the battlefield?

This week we do a deep dive into the Wagner group (Putin's private army) and Blackwater/Frontier Services Group (Erik Princes Hong Kong-based White House hit squad). 

We go through what they have been up to, and where they are likely to pop up over the next few years 

Guests this week are
Sean McFate
Alex Kirsch
Sahar Khan and
Candace Rondeaux

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Episode 12 - Venezuela

Episode 12 - Venezuela

March 9, 2020

Venezuela, home to the largest proven oil reserves in the world was once the jewel of South America, the envy of the Latin world, but now the country sits on the brink of collapse. 

Venezuela has gone so far now that other nations like China, Russia, and the US have begun circling like hungry vultures, looking to smash apart the nation and divide up the assets.

So this week we sit down and ask where will it all go, how did we get here and what is next for this South American titan.

Giancarlo Fiorella
Nick Mutch
Christopher Sabatini

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Episode 11 - The Libyan Civil War

Episode 11 - The Libyan Civil War

February 23, 2020

The Libyan civil war is ramping to a climax, general Haftars forces have arrived at the gates on the capital Tripoli and the entire world is taking sides.

Russia, the UAE, Turkey, France, Italy, Qatar and Egypt are all throwing fuel onto this already raging fire, not realising those flames are unlikely to remain contained inside Libya. 

Three huge guests for this episode. 

Jonathon Winer (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the USA)
Jalel Harchaoui 
Tarek Magerisi

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